Realizing the Full Potential of Your Cloud Investment

A dataware approach to make your cloud strategy more effective

Businesses rely on data today more than ever to gain a competitive advantage, reduce expenses, increase productivity, and deliver high-quality services. And cloud computing is playing a very important role in executing their big data analytics and AI strategies. We believe that enterprises should exploit the economics of cloud services where it makes sense. That’s where a dataware approach comes in.

With the MapR Data Platform, enterprises get a dataware layer that provides a unique set of options and flexibility in their journey to the cloud. The MapR Data Platform does the following:

  • Eliminates the exercise of integrating separate services, leading to lower cost and increased speed in application development and ongoing administration
  • Supports standard APIs, providing portability and making it easy and fast to move applications from on-premises to cloud thereby avoiding lengthy data duplication and dependencies
  • Seamlessly handles the underlying data replication, security, and consistency across multiple clouds to support interoperability among these cloud providers
  • Provides greater visibility and control, and enables the reduction of data movement, optimizing bandwidth and storage costs.

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