Why Spark Matters

Why Spark Matters

Emerging as a next-generation generalized engine for large-scale data processing, Spark is an open source Apache Foundation project that enables organizations to perform in-memory analytics on big data sets. While skeptics may have wondered if Spark warrants the attention it has received, the marketplace is nevertheless embracing the processing engine as a valuable addition to the Hadoop ecosystem. This is due both to its ability to address some of the shortcomings of MapReduce, and to address the demand for faster and more powerful processing for the full data pipeline.

Read "Why Spark Matters" by Radiant Advisors, which will guide you through the hype surrounding Spark, and will provide you with salient points on why Spark matters. We will explore:

  • The rise of Spark
  • What Spark is
  • What is driving its adoption
  • What to expect as the ecosystem continues to evolve

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