SQL on Hadoop

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MapR SQL-on-Hadoop Solution Earns Highest Score in Gigaom Research Hadoop/Data Warehouse Interoperability Report

SQL is one of the most widely used languages to access, analyze, and manipulate structured data. As Hadoop gains traction within enterprise data architectures across industries, the need for SQL for both structured and loosely-structured data on Hadoop is growing rapidly. Key organizational drivers include the ability to:

  • Leverage existing SQL skills in the organization
  • Reuse BI, ETL, and analytics infrastructure investments with Hadoop

MapR supports SQL as a key use case along with the other types of processing on Hadoop. MapR takes an open approach to SQL, supporting the broadest set of SQL-on-Hadoop (also called "SQL-in-Hadoop") projects and technologies on the enterprise-grade MapR Converged Data Platform.

Apache Hadoop for MapR

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