Data Governance without Compromise

MapR DataOps Governance Framework

When considering the magnitude and scale of data in today's modern enterprise, it is clear an entirely new approach to data governance is required. At the same time, data governance has and always will be an enterprisewide problem - not one that is specific to Big Data.

Built on an open architecture, The MapR DataOps Governance Framework is a blend of technology options designed to provide a complete enterprisewide management solution to governing all data. These technologies come from MapR as well as select partners, and allow customers to address a wide array of governance needs, including: data lineage, metadata catalog, data dictionary, data lifecycle management, and more.

Featured partners that leverage the MapR DataOps Governance Framework today are: Cask and Waterline Data.


Data Governance
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MapR Powers Compliance-Ready Data Lineage

In many big data systems there is little consistency in audit logs among the various open source compute engines and platform components. With each component logging data in its own way, it becomes cumbersome if not impossible to derive important information such as lineage - i.e., where data came from and how it got there. There are sure to be gaps in coverage and, as a result, these systems are not truly compliance-ready. What they lack is an immutable system of record that captures information about all data being ingested, transformed, and used in derivative systems or analytics. MapR has unveiled a breakthrough approach to solving for lineage in the age of Big Data using MapR Event Streams.

MapR compliance-ready lineage diagram

Store Metadata in MapR at Scale

Another problem is that metadata repositories themselves must scale proportionately with the data being stored or processed. Storing this metadata in traditional RDBMS systems is not viable solution, as these systems will quickly get crushed. MapR solves for this by storing metadata in systems that scale.

Metadata Management & Lineage Visualization

Visualize Lineage

MapR Data governance

Store Metadata in Systems that Scale

MapR meta storage growth

Solving for these challenges and many more, MapR simplifies governance across the enterprise including edge, cloud, and on-premises, and we do it all by enabling full security and compliance without compromising on agility.

Data Governance Quick Start Solution

MapR also offers a Data Governance Quick Start Solution, removing any guesswork required to achieve a fully secure and governed cluster. Delivered by experts, the Data Governance Quick Start Solution is aimed at getting customers off the ground quickly with compliance-ready data lineage, managing metadata at scale, securing data, and more.

Key Partnerships

Finally, MapR works with many partners that focus exclusively on data governance. Some of these partners offer governance capabilities that span across different enterprise systems such as RDBMS systems and Big Data. Many of them include sophisticated capabilities such as data and metadata catalogs based on ML, data quality, and automatic classification.

MapR data governance partners